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About High Frequency Heating: Dielectric Heating System Suppliers

Our internationally recognised, certified Dielectric Heating System Suppliers company was es-tablished in 1986. As such, we boast more than 30 years in the Dielectric Heating manufacture sec-tor in South Africa.

We offer our customers both quality satisfaction guarantees as well as expertise that has been made locally available. Our 1500m² facility in Boksburg is equipped with a machine shop, tool room, electronics workshop and design facility. All are supported by a full CAD/CAM installation.

This facility is resourced by qualified engineers and technicians ensuring that we have the most up-to-date knowledge at our disposal.

Our Dielectric Heating Systems are based on the rates of microwave and radio frequency (RF) technology. Moreover, the process has allowed for a far more cost effective solution. As such, the timber, plastics converter, medical packaging, stationery, and food & beverage industries benefit from the performance.

The products we supply include a full range of vacuum formers and blister- sealing (an industry we pioneered) machines. Our range of equipment uses the RF process which allows for an improved joining of timber to speed up the curing of adhesives.

This includes:

  • Edge-jointing systems for the manufacture of boards or shelving from narrow solid timber sections
  • Bulk Laminators
  • Edge-lippers
  • Carcass or assembly jigs


MEDICAL RF used in the manufacture of urine bags, blood bags and Drip sets

STATIONERY HF welding used in the manufacture of PVC lever–arch files, Corporate binders, Clear pockets, Photo albums, and book covers etc.

TENT & TARPAULIN MANUFACTURE HF welding is used for the PVC panels on Truck covers, Tarpaulins and Marquees

PACKAGING The rigid PVC packaging for consumer goods allows maximum visibility of product while remaining pilfer proof, e.g. CD’s, DIY Hardware, Cell phone packs, etc.

We offer a comprehensive Dielectric Heating System service from the design stage to the tooling and manufacture and supply of capital equipment.

Our facilities include a comprehensive Tooling Area complete with a CNC machining centre and software for the manufacture of vacuum-forming moulds and engineered components.

We stock Toolrules, Aluminium plate, Euroslot weldouts and all the necessary components.

Our engraving facility allows us to manufacture RF Welding dies for all industries including automotive, packaging and stationery as well as other specialist applications.

Our Service Department is resourced with highly trained professional technicians. Likewise, all makes of RF Equipment, Factory automation and Industrial electronics are located in this space.

We stock a comprehensive range of spares, accessories and consumables for our equipment to ensure that we minimise downtime of your equipment.

Cnr. Paul Smith Road & Kent Road, Dunswart, Boksburg, Johannesburg, 4275

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