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High Frequency Heating Services

Our High Frequency Heating services including the storage of a large range of stock such as Electrical, Mechanical and Pneumatic components. All components will be used within our systems and machinery and will be installed if need be.

This allows us to design and repair High Frequency Heating systems for our clients. On top of this, our systems can be used for a range of industries and all clients will have their systems re-paired if need be.

We take great pride in our ability to supply Oscilator Valves, Vacuum Capacitors and Ceramic Ca-pacitors in South Africa. Moreover, our sole agency for this supply has motivated us to continue our own growth and development for the benefit of our clients.

Our High Frequency Heating services ensure that our clients have the capabilities to boost overall productivity and performance.

Browse through our website today for more information on the products we supply. Start your jour-ney today and begin working with a company that guarantees an enhancement in performance.


We have a team of High Frequency Heating Technicians who are in the field ready to service and repair the equipment.

Our dedication allows us to ensure a 36 hour turn around time on all of the service calls logged with our office. We take great pride in our ability to assist, service and repair our machinery. Further-more, we know that by assisting our clients we guarantee that they stay on top of their game year round.

To log a service call, Please contact us on 011 918 4370 or send an e-mail to

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